Scanner FAQ

1. Can I scan every stock at once?
- TrendSpider makes it easy to scan through thousands of symbols at once. Click the drop down on “scan through”, and select one of the various large indexes (Ex: NASDAQ NMS Composite, NYSE Composite, Russell 2,000)

2. Can the scan auto refresh?
- At this time, the scanner does not auto-refresh. You can manually refresh the list by pressing the circular “Refresh scan results” button from the scan in your watchlist or by simply changing the ticker symbol.

3. Can I scan for divergences?
- Yes, it is possible to scan for divergences in TrendSpider by utilizing the “candles ago” function in scripting. We have pre-built scanners to get you started with this. Type in “divergences” into the search bar in the scanner to view a sample.

4. Can I scan for support/resistance?
- Yes, you can scan for potential support/resistance areas in TrendSpider using the “chart patterns” feature. Type in “triangle”, “double”, or “broadening” in the market scanner to see the samples scans provided.

  • There are many ways to scan for support/resistance in TrendSpider. It is up to each trader to determine what they believe to be support/resistance. Learn more about chart patterns and fractal trendlines here:

    Chart Patterns
    Fractal Trendlines

5. Can I scan forex?
- The market scanner does not function with Forex at this time.

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