Market Scanner

The Market Scanner makes it easy to create a Smart Watchlist based on a set of technical criteria. These criteria are defined using the same visual interface as the Strategy Tester and Multi-Factor Alerts with support for multiple timeframes.


The left panel contains all saved and pre-built Market Scanners. You can tag any scanners with a hash tag to make them easier to find or use our prebuilt scanners with the hash tag #sample. To create a new scan, click New Scanner.

You can create a new Market Scan in the center panel in a few easy steps:

  1. Name the scan or keep the default auto-generated name.
  2. Select the List of Symbols that you’d like to scan, such as the Nasdaq 100, Russell 1000, S&P 500, or even your own watchlist.
  3. Select the Type of Chart that you’d like to scan, including candlestick, Heiken Ashi or Raindrop charts.
  4. Create the technical conditions necessary for the scan using the same tool as the Strategy Tester or Multi-Factor Alerts, or start with one of the prebuilt templates and modify it to suit your requirements.
  5. Click the Scan button to run the scan.

The Results of the scan will appear in the right panel.

If you Save the results, they are added to a Smart Watchlist that you can load on the right side of the screen for a quick reference. You can refresh a Smart Watchlist at anytime to get a fresh list of symbols that meet your technical criteria, as well as maintain more than one Smart Watchlist open at a time.


  • The Market Scanner doesn’t currently work with over-the-counter symbols.
  • The Market Scanner limits results to the desired number. For instance, if you limit results to 100 when scanning the Russell 2000, the scanner will stop when it reaches the 100th result without scanning the full index.

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