Sharing scanners, watchlists, strategies or scripts to others

TrendSpider makes it easy to share certain types of your content with other traders. For example, you might share your proprietary watchlist developed on the TrendSpider platform with your subscribers. Here's a list of things you can share on TrendSpider:

  1. Strategies
  2. Watch lists
  3. Scanners
  4. JS scripts

Any time someone subscribes to the content you share, they can see it within the platform just like it was their own, but with 2 important implications:

  1. They can't edit it. But they can clone it and have their own copy, which they will be able to edit (and even share further, should they want it).
  2. Any time you save changes to the shared entity, all of susbcribers will receive the updates immediately.

2 ways for sharing content

Similar to Google Docs, there are two ways to share watch lists and scanners:

  1. Everyone with a link can access. You can generate a special link that anyone can use to subscribe and receive access to your watchlists and/or scanners. If they open the link, they will see a special page that describes what’s behind the link. If they click “Import this List”, they will be redirected to a TrendSpider application and confirmation request.
  2. Only specific people can access. You can invite specific people via email. If they are TrendSpider customers, they will receive an email invitation and an in-app notification prompting them to access the materials. If they are not a TrendSpider customer, they will receive an email invitation that contains your affiliate link, if applicable.

How to share a watch list or a scanner

You can share a watchlist or scanner in a few easy steps:

  1. Open the Market Scanner or Watchlist.
  2. If sharing a scan, click on the three dots next to the Save button and select Share this Scanner. If sharing a watchlist, click on the three dots in the upper-right corner and select Share.
  3. Select Who can access and review the What they can do settings.
  4. Click Update to finish the sharing action.
  5. If you’d like to remove access, click Revoke Public Access in the same dialog.

How to share a strategy

You can share a strategy by clicking on the Share button in the Strategy Tester header, or via the ... button next to the Save button. All the shared strategies of yours will have a special icon in the list of your strategies, so you can easilty tell which strategies are shared.

Here's an example of a shared strategy

How to share a custom indicator (JS script)

You can share a custom indicator by clicking on the Share button in the Code Editor header, or via the ... button next to the Save button. Custom scripts can be shared in 2 ways

  1. Source code open. In this case everyone who's got a link will be able to see the source code of the indicator. Here's an example of an open source indicator
  2. Source code protected. In this case nobody will be able to see the source code. We will employ industry standard measures and technologies such as obfuscation and encryption to protect the source code. Here's an example of an indicator with the source code protected

How the process of sharing and subscribing looks like

  1. A person receives an invitation link somehow. Maybe via the email (if shared to them directly), or they find a link somewhere. If they click on a link, they will see a special preview page, which tells what’s shared and gives a preview of the content. Here's an example of a preview page like that
  2. If they want to subscribe, they can click on a Subscribe button. That redirects them to a TrendSpider application where they will see a confirmation request.
  3. If they confirm the intent to subscribe, they will become a subscriber. After that, they will see the corresponding item (e.g. a watchlist) in their application the way they are seeing their pfnw stuff. The only difference is that they cannot edit the item.
  4. If the owner updates the item, all of the subscribers receive the updates in real-time.
  5. If the owner revokes access or removes the shared thing, then subscribers lose access immediately.
  6. Subscribers can unsubscribe at any time.

Important notes

  • You’re limited to five non-customer emails per share to prevent possible spam abuse. If you need more, please contact us to discuss raising your personal limits.
  • Nobody can access items shared via email unless they are invited. If the content owner changes the sharing mode from a public link to specific emails, then everyone that was already subscribed will lose access unless they are invited via email.

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