The User Profile Menu

The User Profile Menu displays a trader’s name and a dropdown list from which the users can access a wide array of functions and resources to make the best use of the TrendSpider platform.

In this documentation, we will explore the role of each of the functions under the User Profile Menu.

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Account & Settings

Account settings.png

Selecting the Account & Settings option allows you to configure, manage and update the following:

  • Notifications for Email, SMS, and Webhook
  • Profile details for Display Name, Affiliate ID, and Personal Logo
  • Billing details for Attached Credit Cards and Payment History
  • Plan details for Essential, Elite, or Elite Plus

Acnt and sett.gif

Switch Workspace

switch workspace.png

Selecting the Switch Workspace option allows you to easily switch between workspaces to access different chart environments.

switch workspace.gif

Open Multi Symbol View

Open multisymbol.png

Selecting Open Multi Symbol View allows you to have a unified view of multiple charts belonging to different tickers cordially stacked in a single interface. You can customize all charts at once or a specific chart by changing symbol, chart type, timeframe, and much more.

multi-symbol view.gif

Color Theme

color theme.png

Selecting the Color Theme option allows you to choose from a Light (Default theme), Dark, Good ‘Ol Days, or High Contrast color theme.

color theme.gif

Take Feature Tour

take a feature tour.png

Selecting Take Feature Tour option provides you with a walkthrough of all the core features of TrendSpider. Please note that selecting this feature reset the application to default settings. Your chart layout, indicators, etc. will all be reset although your alerts and drawings will remain as they are.

Terms & Disclaimer

terms and disc.png

Selecting Terms & Disclaimer from the dropdown menu discloses Terms of Service and Customer Contract

TERMS and condi.gif

Request a Feature

request as feature.png

Selecting the Request a Feature option allows you to send an idea or suggestion that you feel will make TrendSpider a better product. A form will be displayed where you will be required to enter your email address, type of feature being requested, and description of the feature being requested, among many other details.

req. a featue.gif

Reset Password

reset password.png

Selecting the Reset Password option will send a password reset link to your email address for changing the password.

Password reset link sent to your email address

Log Out

log out.png

Selecting the Log out option signs you out of the current device.

Apr 5, 2023

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