The User Menu

The User Menu lets you update your account settings, access educational resources, and much more.

You can access the User Menu by clicking on Your Name in the far right side of the top menu bar.

User Menu

There are several different user menu options:

  • Account & Settings lets you update your notifications, billing details or plan details.
  • Switch Workspace lets you switch between various workspaces.
  • Color Theme lets you choose from a Light, Dark, or Good ‘Ol Days color theme.
  • Take Feature Tour shows you all of the major features of the TrendSpider platform.
  • HotKey Guide shows you all of the hotkeys that can improve your workflow.
  • TrendSpider University lets you view the introductory videos for the TrendSpider platform.
  • Documentation provides access to the TrendSpider documentation.
  • Terms & Disclaimer provides legal information.
  • Request a Feature lets you request a new feature for consideration.
  • Reset Password lets you reset your password.
  • Log out signs you out of the current device.

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