Interface Overview

The user interface of TrendSpider is carefully designed to facilitate easy navigation and access to the superlative technical analysis tools and widgets. Over and above that, many functionalities on the interface are supported with beginner-friendly tooltips, clicking on which the users are redirected to the related support documentation. This helps the traders to understand the fundamental theory and implementation steps.

In this documentation, we will develop a high-level understanding of different tools and functionalities appearing on the interface.

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Symbol Search & Selection Field

The Symbol Search and selection field allow the traders to perform a quick search for different asset classes including stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, and futures either by typing the name or ticker symbol.

Note*: The symbol search field is also embedded in the watchlist creator window.*

Symbol search.png

Favorite Symbol

Click on the Favorite Symbol (denoted with ★) to add the ‘existing symbol on the chart’ to your custom Watch List. Every time you revisit your favorite symbols, the star will turn yellow.

Note*: You cannot add symbols into the pre-made watchlists like Russell 2000 Index, Dow Jones 30, S&P 500 Index, etc.*

Favorite symbol.png

Refresh Data and Analysis Button

Click on this button to refresh and update the automated chart data and analysis. This refresh feature is applied only when Auto Fib, Trends, Chart Patterns, or Auto Heatmaps are visible.

Note*: The refresh action does not work on the other analysis.*

**Tip:* You can also use the hotkeyOption+R for Mac and Control+R for Windows to refresh* 💡


Workspace Layout Switcher

Workspace Layout Switcher allows the traders to select the number of charts to view at the same time on the interface. The traders can select from 1 chart to 4 charts to view at a time while also configuring their layout.

WORKOUT switcher.png

Each chart in the layout can have different indicators, chart settings, chart types, time frame, logarithmic scales, trend lines, etc. where each chart belongs to the same symbol.
For more information, please refer to the documentation on Workspace Layout Switcher.

Toggle Multi Time Frame Analysis (MTFA)

Allows you to turn on and off MTFA, one of the most popular and robust features of TrendSpider, designed to display trend lines, indicators, and Fibonacci retracements from one timeframe on the chart of another. Moreover, it works across all the technical analysis capabilities that TrendSpider has got to offer.
Note*: The MTFA trendlines are dashed and the time frame trendlines are solid.*

Toggle Automatic Fibonacci

Allows you to turn on and off the Automatic Fibonacci retracements. If enabled, TrendSpider will automatically determine the high and low points and calculate the Fibonacci levels between them. In addition, you can plot Fibonacci sequences across different timeframes, providing broader insights that are difficult to extract elsewhere.

Toggle Trends

Allows you to turn on and off the automatic trend lines detected by TrendSpider. The platform’s advanced algorithms can automatically draw the trend lines with mathematical precision.

Toggle trends.png

Click on the adjoining vertical ellipsis () to adjust trends analysis preferences based on Analysis Type, Drawing Input, Islands (Gaps), and Quality. You can also configure advanced settings to customize or add your own values and change the way TrendSpider identifies trend lines.

trend analysis.png

Note*: Trend Settings apply to Auto Fib and Heatmap as well.*

Toggle Standard Indicators

Allows you to turn on and off the standard indicators configured in the system options or the system defaults if custom indicators are not configured. TrendSpider provides access to 120+ popular technical indicators, ranging from the Absolute Price Oscillator to the Zero-Lag Exponential Moving Average.

toggle indicators.png

Click on the adjoining vertical ellipsis () to add, remove, or customize indicators on a chart for the color, thickness of a trend line, and price source among many other settings.

manage indicators screen

Toggle Candlestick Patterns

Allows you to turn on and off the automatically detected candlestick formations on any chart and timeframe.

toggle candlestick.png

Click on the adjoining vertical ellipsis () to select from a wide array of candlestick patterns. TrendSpider detects and instantly identifies the selected candlestick patterns on the chart, highlights them, and adds a label.

candlestick 2.png

Toggle Chart Patterns

Allows you to turn on and off the chart formations created by the price action on a chart.

CHART patterns.png
Click on the adjoining vertical ellipsis (⋮) to select from a wide array of chart patterns.

chart pattern options.png

Toggle Heatmap

Allows you to turn on and off the Heatmap. If enabled, TrendSpider will use complex mathematical calculations to identify areas that have strong Support & Resistance levels on any chart and on any timeframe which may be overlooked by manual methods of charting.


Click on the adjoining () vertical ellipsis to change your heatmap preferences between three different types i.e. Horizontal, Depth, or Trends.

Manage Heatmap

Toggle Other Data

Allows you to turn on and off the other enterprise-grade data on the chart.


Click on the adjoining () vertical ellipsis button to select one or more types of other data you would like to add to the chart. You can opt to add- Analyst Estimates (US Stocks), Splits (US Stock and ETFs), Dividends (US Stocks), Earnings (US Stocks), FINRA Reg SHO Data (Short Volume), and r/wallstreetbets Mentions.

Display other data.png

Alerts & Bots

Click on the Alerts & Bots button to toggle on or off the Alerts & Bots created.

Click on the vertical ellipsis () adjoining the Alerts & Bots button to create:

  • Create the Simple Dynamic Alert
  • Create the Multi-Factor Alert
  • Create a Trading Bot

CREATE multi-factor alert.png


Allows you to launch Script Manager to view a script, edit an existing script, or create a new script from scratch. Scripts are a set of conditions that translate your custom requirements into the format that TrendSpider can understand. You can use existing or newly created scripts in conjunction with the Strategy Backtester, Market Scanner, or Multi-Factor Alerts.

Strategy Tester

Allows you to easily test entry and exit strategies for a symbol over any period of time while helping you solve the two related problems:

  • Assessing how your strategy behaved in a given market with given parameters.
  • Optimizing and training strategy through backtesting

STrategy tester.png

Market Scanner

Allows you to use and modify pre-built market scanners or create new custom scanners for a symbol based on a set of technical conditions defined using the same visual interface as the Strategy Tester and Multi-Factor Alerts with support for multiple timeframes.
**Note: Saving the results of the scans adds them to the Smart Watch List so that it becomes easy to create re-run scans without having to find and run them using the Market Scanner.
Market scanner.png

Data Flow

Allows you to discover new trading opportunities through various data types.
Data flow.png


Allows you to view the notifications for the occurrence of the following events:

  • When your specifications for the price alerts are triggered
  • When an alert is expired without the fulfillment of triggered criteria
  • When an alert encounters a failure or experiences an error.
  • When you are invited to use someone else’s Watch Lists or Scanners
  • When the access to use someone else’s Watch Lists or Scanners is revoked

The time stamp on the notification is denoted in Eastern Standard Time (EST) format.

Account & Settings

Navigate to Account & Settings to configure, manage and update your notification, profile details, and billing details.


Log Out

Click on Log Out to end your trading session on the current device.

Chart Type

Allows you to select the type of charts from the dropdown list for performing a diverse technical analysis on the selected symbol. You can select any of the following charts- Line, Bars, Candles, Hollow Candles, Raindrop, or Heikin Ashi.
Chart Type


Allows you to select the timeframe for your chart from the dropdown list. You can select anywhere from one minute to monthly and the chart will be populated accordingly.
Select Timeframe

Share Chart Tool

Allows you to capture and share the chart screenshot to social media channels like StockTwits and Twitter. Moreover, a unique URL is generated for every screenshot you capture that can be copied and shared with anyone.
Capture & Share

Watch Lists (Right Sidebar)

Watch lists allow you to effortlessly access and switch between different symbols you are following (using your keyboard Up and Down keys) for seamless tracking and monitoring of the performance without flipping through charts every minute. TrendSpider takes watchlists a step further by automatically sending SMS or email notifications when an indicated pattern has been spotted anywhere on your watchlist.


Apr 14, 2023

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