Candlestick Pattern Recognition

TrendSpider can automatically detect candlestick formations on any chart and timeframe, including single candlesticks and multi-candlestick patterns.

You can choose candlestick patterns in a few easy steps:

  • Click on the next to the Patterns button in the upper toolbar.
  • Check the candlestick patterns that you’d like to highlight.
  • Click the Apply button.

Each candlestick pattern includes a count of how many candlesticks are required next to it. For example, "3cdl" means that three candlesticks are required for the pattern. Candlestick patterns that require more candlesticks are rarer than those that only require one candlestick.

Candle Pattern Selection

TrendSpider instantly identifies and highlights any relevant candlestick patterns on the chart, highlights them and adds a label. You can hover over any label to expand it and reveal the full name of the candlestick pattern.

Candle Identification

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