Trend Analysis Settings

TrendSpider makes it easy to adjust the core base parameters that detect trend lines on a chart.

You can access the Analysis Settings in a few steps:

  1. Click on the vertical ellipsis option next to the Trends button in the top menu bar.

trends selct.png

2. Click on Advanced to show the Analysis Settings to the left of the chart.


3. Adjust any settings.


4. Click Apply to save and use the new settings.


The base parameters that you can modify include:

  • HH/LL Numbers: These are the numbers that determine the higher highs and lower lows for each timeframe. Higher numbers will yield fewer trend lines and smaller numbers will yield more trendlines.
  • ATR for Islands: TrendSpider does not draw trend lines across price gaps. The ATR settings adjust the criteria for detecting price gaps. For example, the default setting is three times the Average True Range (ATR) of a 14-day period. Smaller numbers will detect more gaps, while larger numbers will detect fewer gaps.
  • Lines: These are other factors that filter trend lines. If trend lines are not within the ATR factor of themes recent price action, they will not show up on the chart.

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