What is the Strategy Tester

The TrendSpider Strategy Tester makes it easy to backtest trading strategies.

The Strategy Tester is designed to solve two related problems:

  • Determining how your strategy behaved in a given market with given parameters. By understanding this behavior, it’s easier to find an appropriate market for an existing strategy or choose a sane option from a list of well-known strategies.
  • Optimizing and train strategy through backtesting. This is an exploratory process. For example, you might experiment with entry conditions without worrying about exits. Our Strategy explorer offers a very powerful way for learning about price behavior for your positions.

You can use the tool for both long and short strategies and define your own custom entry and exit conditions—or you can use built-in scripts or your saved scripts.


You can then visualize the results in the results window or apply the results directly to the price chart by clicking the See on chart button.


Apr 6, 2021

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