Accessing and Using the Strategy Tester

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Strategy Tester

The Strategy Tester enables you to easily test entry and exit strategies over any period of time. In the Performance Chart view, you can easily see how the strategy would have performed compared to the asset’s total return or the S&P 500 benchmark index. The Price Behavior Explorer also lets you see how the price would have behaved after your buy or sell conditions were met.

You can access the Strategy Tester by clicking on the Strategy Tester button located in the middle of the top menu bar.

Strategy Tester Button

The Strategy Tester will appear below the chart. In the Strategy Tester, you can easily enter the conditions that you’d like to test, control the timeframe, set the price source and define the Analysis Depth — a setting that controls how far back you wish to test the strategy. The Analysis Depth ranges from 1,000 candles to 7,000 candles.

Strategy Tester

In the above example, we set entry conditions based on the relative strength index (RSI) and exit the position after 30 candles have passed.

You can run the tests by clicking on the Test button and you will instantly see the strategy’s performance.

Strategy Tester Results

You can quickly backtest your entire watchlist by simply hitting the down or up arrow on your keyboard. Cycling though your watchlist, TrendSpider will automatically backtest each ticker and show you the results.

You can click the Reset button to remove old execution marks on the chart.