Smart Checklist Widget

Smart Checklists are configured in the same way you configure a scan, backtest, or multi-factor alerts on the platform - by using the TrendSpider visual scripting system. You can even use any saved Script template as a smart checklist out of the gate.

When you open a chart, the Smart Checklist will automatically check all of your conditions against that symbol. It will then display a simple list of the conditions and the status of them on the name you are looking at. This will give you a quick “at-a-glance” status check on the symbol (you also can use any of our sample scripts, search by the #checklist tag in this case). Every time you change a symbol, all the Check Lists in the current workspace will catch up.

How to add a Smart Checklist widget

Add the Smart Checklist Widget to the sidebar by selecting "Sidebar" from the top of your screen, then choose "Add or remove widgets". At the bottom, click on a "Add new widget here" button and then select "Smart Checklist" from the menu. Then click "done". The Smart Checklist is now loaded into your sidebar.

How to load a script

Smart Checklists use scripts saved in your Script Manager window. You can either create a script or use a pre-made one.

By now, the Smart Checklist widget should be visible in the sidebar, so now select "Choose Script" from the top of the widget to pull up the list of available scripts and click "Select Template" to load the template to the Smart Checklist.


Controls of Smart Checklist Widgets

  1. Current Candle: this checkbox is designed to tell the Smart Checklist to focus on the most current open candle; If not checked, will focus on the most recent closed candle.
  2. Ext. Hours: choose whether or not to include pre and post-market data when checking your Smart Checklist conditions.
  3. Chart type (candlestick icon): Select the chart type which will be used with the selected script.
  4. Refresh Button: Refresh the Smart Checklist script against any new chart selected. Smart Checklists automatically refresh when you open any chart or change symbols, but they do not update in real-time automatically. You must manually refresh them with this button.
  5. (i) Icon: Click to open and view a detailed description of the conditions and preferences loaded into your current script template. This is the full, untruncated list of conditions and statuses that make up your Smart Checklist. Note that you can copy and paste from this window.


Vertical confirmation Bars

As seen above, along the left side of the widget, you’ll find two columns; one which signals each condition separately, and the column to the far left which signals when all conditions are met. If your conditions are nested, it will display another column to indicate that the conditions are nested within another condition group, and display status for the entire column as well. This is designed to give a quick, instant visual representation of the status of your conditions in your Smart Checklist.

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