Dividends is the amount of money the company distributes among its shareholders.

Using Dividends in scripting

Components supported: Scanner, Smart Checklist

You can use Dividends both "by date" and "by value".

Dividends (dates)

This kind of data gives you a way for knowing things like "there's a Dividends report coming in 5 days" or "there was a Dividends report exactly 5 days ago".

Dividends (values)

The latter, Dividends "by value", gives you access to numbers like Per share $ (the actual amount of cache distributed per one 1 common share) and Yield% (annualized dividend yield as of date of a report).

NOTE ON YIELD: On TrendSpider, Yield% is always "as of date of a report", which is different from "as of now". Here's an example of how it is calculated.

Annualized dividend: Current dividend multiplied by frequency (e.g in case of quarterly dividend, frequency is 4)
Previous day's closing price: Previous business day of the declaration date

Example: MSFT 

Announcement date: 2021-06-16
Dividend: 0.56
Frequency: 4
Annualised dividend: 0.56 * 4 = 2.24
Previous day: 2021-06-15
Previous day's closing price: 258.36

Dividend yield (as of declaration date) = 2.24/258.36 = 0.00867007 = 0.86%.
Aug 6, 2021

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