Dividends is the amount of money the company distributes among its shareholders.

Using Dividends in scripting

Components supported: Scanner, Smart Checklist

You can use Dividends both "by date" and "by value".

Dividends (dates)

This kind of data gives you a way for knowing things like "there's a Dividends report coming in 5 days" or "there was a Dividends report exactly 5 days ago".

Dividends (values)

The latter, Dividends "by value", gives you access to numbers like Per share $ (the actual amount of cache distributed per one 1 common share) and Yield% (annualized dividend yield as of date of a report).

NOTE ON YIELD: On TrendSpider, Yield% is always "as of date of a report", which is different from "as of now". Here's an example of how it is calculated.

Annualized dividend: Current dividend multiplied by frequency (e.g in case of quarterly dividend, frequency is 4)
Previous day's closing price: Previous business day of the declaration date

Example: MSFT 

Announcement date: 2021-06-16
Dividend: 0.56
Frequency: 4
Annualised dividend: 0.56 * 4 = 2.24
Previous day: 2021-06-15
Previous day's closing price: 258.36

Dividend yield (as of declaration date) = 2.24/258.36 = 0.00867007 = 0.86%.

Dividends Display Details
With Dividends selected in the events tab, you will see "Dividends" added to your indicator list. Select the three dots next to "Dividends" to reveal the display options. In addition to just displaying the Dividend date, users may also add markings for the date Declared, Recorded, or an Ex-Dividend along with alignment options for the top or bottom of your chart.


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