Clone a Multi-Factor Alert

When an existing Multi-Factor Alert is cloned, a complete copy of all the configurations, conditions and actions defined within it is done, which you can use as a base for creating a new Multi-Factor Alert.

In this documentation, we will explore how you can navigate to the alert listing using the Alerts widget and clone a Multi-Factor Alert.

Let’s get started 🚀

Step 1: Sign in to your TrendSpider account and navigate to the right side of the interface to select the Alerts widget from the list.


Step 2: Click on the “Add to the Sidebar” option to add the Alerts widget.


The Alerts widget will be added in the sidebar column as can be observed below.


Step 3: Hover your cursor over any Multi-Factor Alert from the list and click on Clone.

Caveat: The symbol you have already selected on the chart will be fetched while cloning the alert. Hence, it is important to select the symbol first before cloning a multi-factor alert from the list ⚡


Step 4: A modal window for cloning the Multi-Factor Alert will appear, allowing you to create a new Multi-Factor Alert by using the existing configurations and conditions as a base.


You can choose to keep the existing configurations and conditions or edit the same as per your requirements.

Step 5: Click on the CREATE ALERT, and the new Multi-Factor Alert will be added to the listing.


Dec 14, 2023

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