Hotkeys and Shortcuts Guide

  1. General Hotkeys
  2. System Hotkeys
  3. Drawing Hotkeys

General Hotkeys

Action Result
Hold Shift + Click (during the welcome tour on background area) Enable skip/end tour options
Hold Shift + Click (on any Trendline or Drawing) Remove trendline or drawing from a chart
Right-click (on a Trendline, Fib Level, or Indicator) Mixed option context-sensitive menus. Manipulate preferences, create an Alert, remove or lock from a chart
Doubleclick (on a Trendline) Lock the line
Mouse wheel or two-finger scroll (over any chart) Zoom in or out
Click-hold-drag (over any zoomed-in chart) Pan
Click-hold-drag (on right price axis) Scale
Click-hold-drag (on time axis) Scale
Mouse wheel or two-finger scroll (over any axis) Scale

System Hotkeys

Action Result
Arrow key up Switch to a previous watch list item
Arrow key down Switch to next watch list item
Alt+P (Option+P on MAC) Take screenshot of current chart
Alt+Enter (Option+Enter on MAC) Maximize current chart
Alt+R (Option+R on MAC) Refresh analysis on current symbol
F1 Show in-app hotkey guide
Control+C Change chart type (Candles, Raindrops, etc.)
Shift+1 Change Primary Timeframe
Shift+2 Change Secondary Timeframe

Drawing Hotkeys

Action Result
Alt+R (Option+R on Mac) Draw Trendline
Alt+L (Option+L on Mac) Draw Segment Line
Alt+H (Option+H on Mac) Draw Horizontal Line
Alt+V (Option+V on Mac) Draw Vertical Line
Alt+A (Option+A on Mac) Draw Arrow
Alt+S (Option+S on Mac) Draw Rectangle
Alt+T (Option+T on Mac) Add Text Box
Alt+C (Option+C on Mac) Draw a Circle
Alt+F (Option+F on Mac) Fibonacci Measurement
Alt+M (Option+M on Mac) Measure Price Move
Apr 6, 2021

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