Alerts FAQ

1. What is the difference between dynamic and multi factor alerts?
- A dynamic alert is created on the trend lines or indicators and notifies you whenever the price breaks through, touches, or bounces off of a trend line or indicator.
- A multi-factor alert allows you to create different conditions at which a price or candlestick patterns or indicators cross.

2. How can I manage or clone my Alerts?
- You can easily manage all active, expired, or previously triggered Dynamic Alerts and Multi-Factor Alerts from the Alerts widget.

3. Can I set alerts on an entire watchlist?
- At this time, you cannot set alerts to an entire watchlist. However, you can quickly clone an alert to another symbol.  You can view how to clone an alert here.

4. How will I be alerted?
- There are a few ways to be alerted on TrendSpider. You can manage your alert settings by clicking on your name or the person icon in the top right, then selecting “Account & Settings”.  Under the “Notifications” tab, you can select email, sms, or a webhook.  Click “save” when your preferences are set. You can view how to manage your alert settings here.

5. Why didn’t my alert trigger?
- There can be a number of reasons why your alert failed to trigger.  Oftentimes, it is a simple error. Please ensure that you have selected the right “trigger” (you can choose multiple at once), and make sure you have selected the correct confirmation candle time frame as well.  Please note that the confirmation candle must complete before the alert triggers.  You can read more about the trigger conditions here.

6. Can my alerts go to my discord?
- Yes, your alerts can be sent to a discord channel using a webhook.  You can read how to connect to your discord here.

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