A Dashboard in TrendSpider is a dedicated workspace which contains a fully customizable set of widgets. Consider it your personalized control center for monitoring the markets. The primary aim is to provide a quick overview of your key interests without diving too deep into per-symbol analysis. You can create and manage multiple Dashboards within their account.

Depending on your interest and trading style, your Dashboards can contain different widgets. Here are the widgets supported in Dashboards:

  1. Chart
  2. Watch lists and scanners
  3. List of your alerts
  4. List of your bots
  5. Unusual options
  6. News
  7. Dividends
  8. Splits
  9. Earnings
  10. Insider trades
  11. Analyst estimates

All widgets featured in Dashboards are identical to those in the Default workspace. The key difference lies in the flexibility of Dashboards, allowing you to incorporate as many widgets as desired and arrange them the way you want.

Structure of a Dashboard

Dashboard is a set of named Sections. Each Section has a customizable title and a set of Rows. Each Row has Widgets. Clicking on a symbol in any widget (like a Watch List) switches all the charts placed in the same Section to a given symbol. Here's a screenshot illustrating one Section.

Screenshot from 2024-02-16 20-11-00.png

Layout of a Dashboard

Each Dashboard has a Layout metric, which is defined as "amount of watch lists which fit in a row". I.e., layout of 6 means "one row is 6 watchlists wide". Here's the same Dashoard, set up as Layout=4 and Layout=6.  To adjust the width of your Dashboard, click on the dropdown menu on the top left corner of the page.  The default dashboard is set to '4 columns'.  Adjusting the number of columns will allow you to increase the size of your chart(s) or add more widgets to a row.

Screenshot from 2024-02-16 20-07-11.png

Screenshot from 2024-02-16 20-07-18.png

Adding new widgets to existing section

There are 3 ways for adding a new widget:

  1. At the left of every Row — via the + button which emerges any time you point you mouse to a row
  2. At the right of every Row (in the same way)
  3. At the bottom of every Section — via the Add Content button and select Add a new widget

Adding new section of labeled widgets

  1. Click Add content and then select Add a new labeled set of widgets
Feb 28, 2024

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