Chart Settings and Customization

TrendSpider makes it easy to customize charts to match your preferences.

You can access the Chart Settings by clicking on the gear icon Gear Icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.


Style changes include:

  • Toggle the Market Price Line (and customize the color).
  • Toggle the Crosshair (and customize the color).
  • Toggle TrendSpider Logo or use your own logo.
  • Toggle the Watermark. 
  • Toggle Grid Lines.
  • Toggle Countdown to Close.
  • Select the Chart Type.
  • Select the Candle Colors.
  • Set the Background Color.
  • Set the Axis Color.
  • Set the Last Price Color.
  • Adjust Vertical Padding.
  • Adjust Logo.
  • Adjust Watermark color and transparency

Data changes include:

  • Select the Price Scale.
  • Toggle Extended Hours.
  • Toggle Session Breaks.

You can also click on the chart type icon Chart Type Icon to change the chart type outside of the settings popup dialog.

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