Automated Trendline Detection

TrendSpider’s automated trend line analysis makes it easy to identify trend lines without any manual effort.

The platform automatically draws trend lines from reaction highs and lows. These trend lines remain visible until the price action moves too far away. Solid trend lines represent trends on the primary timeframe and dashed trend lines represent trends on secondary timeframes. When considered together, these trend lines provide unique insights into the bigger picture of trends.

You can right-click on any trend line to remove it or lock it for all charts and timeframes in the future.

Automated Trendline Detection

The above chart shows the 1-hour versus weekly chart of the S&P 500 ETF (SPY). In the chart, you can see how the short-term support trend line, represented in blue, interacts with the long-term resistance trend line, represented in green dashes. When the price falls to the double support, it gaps higher toward the upper end of the short-term price range.

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