Automated Watch Lists, US stocks by Market Cap

There is a number of dynamic watch lists based on a ticker's Market Cap available. These lists are being re-computed every hour. Here are the lists available:

  1. Market cap below $100M
  2. $100M - $300M
  3. $300M - $1B
  4. $1B - $3B
  5. $3B - $10B
  6. $10B - $20B
  7. $20B - $50B
  8. $50B - $100B
  9. $100B - $200B
  10. Market cap above $200B

Source for our data

The way we calculate market cap is supposed to match (i.e.,

IMPORTANT NOTE: lists longer than 510 tickers are not available for browsing, they are only good for scanning through them.

Feb 24, 2023

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