Account Types

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The Standard plan is best for casual traders, beginners and hobbyists that are just getting started in the market. The subscription includes real-time market data, standard charting and indicators, and basic automation features.

Cost: $11/mo. or $132/yr.


The Premium plan is best for part-time active traders with a day job. The subscription includes automation tools, specialty indicators and basic alerts, as well as all of the Standard plan features.

Cost: $27/mo. or $324/yr.


The Elite plan is best for experienced traders looking for advanced tools to gain a competitive edge. The subscription includes the full-range of market data (e.g. futures and indices), advanced multi-factor alerts, and backtesting capabilities, as well as all of the Premium plan features.

Cost: $47/mo. or $564/yr.


The Master plan is best for professional, full-time or career traders that require the most advanced tools. The subscription includes greater alert capacity, longer alert durations, more workspaces and exclusive access to beta features.

Cost: $77/mo. or $924/yr.

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