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    Alert Notification Settings Manage Existing Price Alerts Webhooks Multi-Factor Alerts ...
  • Automated Technical Analysis

    Trendline Customization and Filtering Automated Gap Detection Automated Trendl...
  • Charting

    Multi-Timeframe Analysis Indicators Drawing and Annotating Charts ...
  • Heatmaps

    Anchored Volume by Price Heatmaps
  • Raindrop Charts(tm)

    Raindrop Charts White Paper
  • Scanner

    Market Scanner Using Smart Watchlists Multiple Timeframes & the Current Candle ...
  • Scripts. Write once, use everywhere: scan, backtest, create alerts.

    What is a Script on TrendSpider Scripts are what you expect them to be: A set of conditions which translate your criteria into the format that TrendSpider can understand. Before we dive into the details, here’s an example of a script with a humanized explanation to give you a sense of what’s wh...
  • Strategy Tester

    What is the Strategy Tester? Creating a New Strategy Offsets & Time-based Conditions Reading & Analyzing Test Results Visualizing the Results Downloading Backtest Data to CSV or Excel Backtesting Risks and Warnings