Market Data Sources

TrendSpider supports more than 61,000 assets belonging to different classes including ETFs, Stocks, Indices, Pinksheets, Futures & Commodities, Digital Assets, and Currencies. The market data for these asset classes are collected from various sources.

In this documentation, we will explore the supported Exchanges, Markets & Assets on TrendSpider and their data sources.

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Stocks, Equities, & ETFs

TrendSpider supports real-time market data for all U.S. Stocks, Equities, and ETFs in the United States region. The data is sourced from the exchanges like NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, OTC/Pinksheets, IEX, and other sources.

Digital Assets

TrendSpider supports real-time data for all digital assets traded on more than 150 cryptocurrency exchanges. The data is sourced from over 170 individual integrations as well as certain third-party aggregators.

You can refer to this Market Data page to check the list of all the supported cryptocurrency exchanges.

Note: All crypto symbols start with an "^", for example, *^BTCUSD.*

Forex & Currencies

TrendSpider supports real-time data for 950+ currency pairs, based on combinations of several base currencies. The data is sourced from over two dozen international currency trading institutions.

You can refer to this Market Data page to check the list of all the supported Data Source institutions.

**Note: All currency pairs start with an "^", for example, *^USDGBP*.


TrendSpider supports real-time market data for certain US Futures markets in the United States region on certain plans. The data is sourced from CME, NYMEX, COMEX, and CBOT futures contracts.

Note: All the futures use unique symbology, for example, the E-Mini S&P 500 Contract is "ES1!". The Micro E-mini S&P 500 Contract is "MES1!". For a detailed list of all available futures contracts, click here

Note: CME futures are available on all plans for an exchange fee of $7.50 per month per user (for Non-Professional Users). Professional users will have a higher exchange fee and should contact support.

Crypto futures contracts are included in all plans that support cryptocurrency data and are provided in real-time. Crypto futures are available from various exchanges including BBX, BITMEX, Huobi DM, OKEx, and ByBit.


TrendSpider supports delayed market data for CBOE indices on certain plans. Index data is sourced from the CBOE.

**Note: All CBOE indices start with a "$", e.g. *$SPX**.

Note*: CBOE Indices are available only in Elite or higher plans.*

Extended Hours Data

TrendSpider offers support for extended hours data in price alerts of various types. For example, you can create alerts, run scans, and backtests during the extended market session. The extended hours' support does not apply for assets that are tradeable 24*7 and do not have a fixed trading session window like cryptocurrencies or forex.

Note*: Data for the extended market session is included with your account for no additional charge.*

Other Data

Data Type Source
Trading Data 13F filings with the SEC, Intrinio, and other sources.
Short Volume Data FINRA Reg SHO.
Analyst Ratings Data Benzinga and other sources.
Social Sentiment Data Quiver Quant, Benzinga, and other sources.
Earnings, Dividends, and Splits Benzinga, Polygon, and other sources.
Seasonality Tabulated internally via proprietary methods.

And other sources.

Caveat: Please note that market data is provided as-is and without warranty.

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