Saving, Cloning and Recalling Strategies in the Strategy Tester

TrendSpider allows you to save strategies and recall them in the future.

The Strategy List

Along the left edge of the Strategy Tester, you will find a panel for your saved strategies. Each saved strategy will be displayed, along with some pre-made strategies shared by TrendSpider for everyone.

What is a Saved Strategy?

A saved strategy is a complete set of buy and sell rules that is saved together in one place for easy recall. Saved strategies will include:

  • All technical (script) entry and exit conditions
  • The timeframe of the strategy
  • The depth of the strategy
  • The "Trade By" selection of the strategy (by default, set to Next Open)
  • The directional bias of the strategy (e.g. Long or Short)
  • Any non-technical exit criteria, such as stop losses, time-based exits, etc.

Saving a Strategy

  • First, give the strategy a name in the name box on the top left corner of the Strategy Tester.
  • Second, to save a strategy just click the Save button on the top right corner of the Strategy Tester.

Cloning a Strategy

Cloning a strategy creates a new strategy from the one which is currently open in your Strategy Editor. If the original strategy had any unsaved changes, then the cloned version will have them too.

  • You can clone a strategy by clicking the 3 dots next to the Save Button and selecting the Clone option.
  • From there, just give it a new name and press Save to save a Copy.

Using Hashtags for Organization

If you add a hashtag to the strategy name (like My awesome strategy #sma #rsi), then the tag name will become clickable in the list of your strategies. This will allow you to group and organize your pre-made strategies.

For more information on Strategy Tester, please refer to the documentation on Understanding Strategy Tester from TrendSpider

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