Manage Alert and Backtest Templates with Script Manager

The Script Manager makes it easy to organize all of your templates for Multi-Factor Alerts and Backtesting in a single place.

You can access the script manager by clicking on Scripts in the top menu bar (#1).

script 1.png

The Script Manager lets you create, edit and delete templates:

  • Add a new script by clicking on Add New (#2).
  • Create a copy of an existing script by clicking on Create My Copy (#4).
  • Send a script to another user by clicking on Send To (#3).


Using the Hashtag system, you can organize templates based on commonalities. For instance, if you have several RSI-based strategies, you could add “#rsi” to the template name. You can search for all RSI templates by inputting “#rsi” into the search bar. You can also combine multiple hash tags into a single template.

Note: The #sample hashtag is part of TrendSpider’s public library. Only staff accounts have access to create new scripts using this hash tag.

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